Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2024
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The highly anticipated Wine and Dine Festival is making its comeback at the Central Harbourfront Event Space from 23 to 27 October 2024. Booth registration is now open, and once you register, you will receive a login via email afterwards. You can use this login to submit detailed booth and product information for application assessment before 15 July 2024. For participation details, please click here to access the sales brochure and click here to review the recruitment briefing.
全城期待的香港美酒佳餚巡禮,在今年 10 月 23 至 27 日回歸中環海濱活動空間。展位申請現已開始。請填妥及遞交下面登記表格,登記完成後閣下將於稍後時間透過電郵收到登入密碼,屆時請於7月15日前登入並提供更多攤位及產品資料,作為評選之用。如欲了解參展詳情,請按此下載參展小冊子及這裏下載參展簡介。

Early bird discount deadline: 30 June 2024
Application and detailed info submission deadline: 15 Jul 2024

Applicant's Information 申請公司資料
Company Name 公司名稱*
The company name must be consistent with the Business Registration Certificate. 公司名稱必須與商業登記證一致
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Year of particiaption in Wine & Dine Festival 曾參加美酒佳餚巡禮年份*

Company name that participated in Wine & Dine Festival, if no, please fill in 'Nil'. *
曾參與香港美酒佳餚巡禮的公司名稱,如不適用請填 Nil。*
Company have physical storefronts locally or overseas (e.g. Restaurants/ Bars/ Catering group/ Physical stores, etc.) 參展公司在本地或海外設有實體門市 (例如: 餐廳 / 酒吧 / 餐飲集團 / 實體店等) 。*

Booth Application 申請攤位
Please notify us of any cancellation by 15 July, 2024, other it will affect your company’s future exhibition eligibility and booth selection order. 請於2024年7月15日前通知我們任何展位取消的事宜,否則將影響貴公司日後參展資格及展位遴選次序。

1. No. of Wine Booth Request 酒類攤位申請數量*
2. Wine Booth - Main product category 酒類攤位 - 主要售賣產品類別*
*Select ONE Category ONLY 請選擇最多1項類別

3. No. of Food Booth 美食攤位申請數量*
4. Food Booth - Main Product Category 美食攤位 - 主要售賣產品類別*
*Select ONE >Category ONLY 請選擇最多1項類別

5. If permitted under special circumstances, would food exhibitors to use open flames for cooking? 如在活動特殊情況許可下,食物攤位參展商會否希望使用明火煮食? *
*If permitted by using Cassette-Fuel Portable Butance Stove for cooking only. 如許可僅限於使用卡式石油氣爐煮食。

6. Business Registration Certificate (BR) 商業登記證*
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7. Company Logo 商業標誌*
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8. Remarks / Comment 備註 / 留言
9. Are you the member of below association / organisation? 閣下是否以下協會/組織的成員嗎?*
*Select ONE Category ONLY 請選擇最多1項類別

10. Are you interested in participating in the following activities to gain more publicity opportunities : 閣下是否有興趣參加以下活動以獲得更多宣傳機會 :
*Please select more than one category 可選擇多於1項類別

11. To tie in with the Waste Disposal (Charging for Municipal Solid Waste) (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 (Amendment Ordinance), the Organizer may surcharge waste disposal to exhibitors, details of which will be announced in due course.
12. Are you applying as exhibitors at HKTDC Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair 2024?
閣下是否正在申請成為 香港貿發局香港國際美酒展 2024 的參展商?

Personal Data Disclaimer 個人資料免責聲明 :*
The personal data we collect and hold about you will be provided to the Hong Kong Tourism Board for general inquiry and registration purposes.
We will not provide your personal data to third parties for direct marketing or other unrelated purposes without your consent.
Data Notes 資料注意事項*
Once you press the "Confirm" button, data cannot be modified for any reason. Applicants are advised to carefully review the uploaded file items, content, and quantities before confirming and submitting.
Notes on Booth Cancellation Request 申請取消展位注意事項 :
Booth cancellation requests must be made by July 15, 2024. If cancellation is requested after this date, it may affect your eligibility for future participation in the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival and priority in selecting booth locations.
申請取消展位必須於 2024年7月15日 前通知我們, 如於此日期後申請取消, 將有機會影響之後參與香港美酒佳餚巡禮的參選資格以及選位優先次序。
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Contact Us 聯絡我們
Should you have any enquiries regarding booth application, please contact the Exhibitor Services Manager

Baobab Tree Event 柏堡活動策劃
Wine Exhibitor: Ms. Edith Lee
Food Exhibitor: Mr. Manki Chung
Tel: (852) 3520 3616
Email: hkwdf@baobab-tree-event.com
Website: https://www.discoverhongkong.com/wineanddinefestival