A. Booth Rental

  • There are 2 types of booth - wine booth and food booth.
  • There are 5 thematic zones for wine booths: Grand Pavilion, Country Pavilions, Whisky & Cocktails, Craft Beer & Bubbly Wines and Sake & Japanese Wines. There will be other wine booths spread over the venue.
  • Wine Booth: HK$36,080   |   Food Booth: HK$40,000   |   Booth in Grand Pavilion: HK$40,656
    A deposit of HK$8,000 per booth is required before the payment deadline on 24 Aug 2018. If no deduction is made, it will be returned within 60 days after the end of the festival.
  • There is no early bird discount.
    If you apply for 2 booths or more, you can enjoy a 5% off discount. Besides, if you are a wine booth vendor who joined the 2018 HKTDC International Wine & Spirits Fair, you are entitled to rent the classic wine booth at HK$25,080 & Grand wine booth at HK$29,656. Please inform the Exhibitor Services Manager on or before 1 August 2018 for registration.

B. Application Procedure

  • Exhibitors are selected based on multiple aspects of selection criteria including suitability of the product to the zone, product attractiveness, uniqueness, price and more. Applicants are required to submit product information by 18 July via the Exhibitor Site for selection panel screening. Application results will be announced by email in mid-August.
  • The online application form allows you to apply for up to 5 booths. For more booths, you could pass your request to the Exhibitor Services Manager by email after submitting your application.
  • Please inform the Exhibitor Services Manager by email after submitting your application. The availability will depend on the final floor planning by the Organiser and your priority in booth selection.
  • Please send your request to the Exhibitor Services Manager by email after submitting your application. We will refer you to the right partner if appropriate.
  • Corner booth is subject to availability at the Booth Selection Meeting on 7 September, 2018. An additional 13% surcharge per corner will be added to each corner booth.

C. Payment Method & Token Charging Scheme

  • For wine tasting – by electronic wine token via a smart card. No cash transaction is allowed.
    For unopened wine products and food items –by cash, credit card or e-payment transaction, depends on merchants’ POS.
  • No. Exhibitors must charge wine tokens for offering a tasting portion of wine.
  • Each wine token costs HK$20. You will get a designated rebate amount from the collected tokens according to the following scheme.

    BoothCategoryRetail price per bottleNo. of token to be chargedTasting portionToken reimbursement amount
    Wine BoothWineHK$200 to $449140ml$10 rebate for each token received.
    HK$450 to $6492
    HK$650 and above3
    Craft BeerHK$40 and above160 – 100ml
    WhiskyHK$450 to $649210ml
    HK$650 and above3
    SakeHK$200 to $449115ml
    HK$450 to $6492
    HK$650 and above3
    Grand PavilionWineHK$900 to $1,799340ml1) From 1 to 3800 token received, rebate $8 for each token

    2) From 3801 token received or above, rebate $14 for each token and refund 40% booth rental.
    HK$1,800 to $2,6995
    HK $2,700 to $3,5998
    HK $3,600 and above10

D. Licence & Insurance

  • No. The Organiser will make related arrangement.
  • Food exhibitors who will conduct sales and process food at the booth have to submit their TFFL application to the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department before 14 September, 2018. A copy of the letter of requirement must be received by the Exhibitor Services Manager on or before 5 October, 2018.
  • Yes. You need to effect the public liability insurance and property loss insurance for your participation at the Festival.

E. Giveaway Sponsorship

  • If you want to be an in-kind sponsor, please express your interest with details on your sponsor items to the Exhibitor Services Manager for further discussion on details of the cooperation.
    If you want to sponsor the 10th edition celebration, please submit the super offer sponsorship form via the Exhibitor Site along your product information submission.

F. Onsite Operation

  • Yes. Additional booth facilities such as furniture can be ordered through the official contractors subject to availability. Additional charges applies. Contractor order forms are included in the Booth Vendor Manual which will be distributed during the Booth Selection Meeting in early-September.
  • No. Booth subletting is not allowed.
  • No. Penalty tickets will be issued on violation of festival rules & regulations.
  • No. Amplified sound is not permitted unless approval is sought in advance by the Organiser.
  • No. Mascot is not permitted in the venue unless approval is sought in advance by the Organiser.
  • The Festival will be cancelled if a No. 3 or above Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal or a Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued as deemed appropriate by the Organiser.


Ms. Ruby Lee / Ms. Julia Chu
Exhibitor Services Manager
Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd
(852) 3520 3616